Everyone wants to be at the top of the list all the time and when it comes to websites SEO is the only way you can clinch the top spot. SEO, as many of you might be knowing, stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is an approach to make the web pages suitable to show up on a search engine’s results pages. But only appearing on the results pages isn’t enough, your page must at the top or at least on the first results page to attract users and make a difference. So if you wish to learn how to optimise your page then you have stumbled across the perfect article, so just drop your idea to hire an SEO expert in Delhi and go through this article once. Here we will be discussing important factors affecting your SEO ranking and how to implement them.




Whenever a person creates a page, content is always his / her first priority. In the same way, the first thing a search engine looks for in your article is a keyword. The keyword is what the user inputs in the search bar of the search engine. Only when the search engine finds a match the search engine considers your article for assessment according to other criteria. Along with with it the density of the keyword is also an important factor. But peppering the article with the keyword will only ruin your content, hence having an overall negative impact.




The search engine weighs the quality of your article before the user does while ranking it. To write appropriate content you must know in what context has the user given the keyword. By doing so you can write content which more user-oriented which will not only increase your user feedback but also increase the traffic on your site. With this, there will be a reduction in bounce rate (number of people leaving your site) and increase the dwell time (time spent by the user on your web page). Other factors which also affect your ranking is your heading and the length of your article. You can use terms related to the keyword to give your article genuine length without overstretching a certain aspect. For example, if your keyword is, hire expert SEO service provider, then you can include how and where to hire them, you can also include things like their expertise, their experience and other related things.




Unsurprisingly, the second thing after content that matters is your website. When I say your website should be accessible, I mean that the search engine bots can access it. Only when they access it, they can start assessing your content and other statistics of the page. In addition to that your website should be secure so that whenever anyone visits it, this would have a positive impact on them. Although it might not directly influence your ranking eventually it does help because in any field user satisfaction is a must.




Another feature that your website must have is a fast loading speed on all devices. It is one of the major factors in SEO ranking. And when the bots consider speed, their primary focus is on mobile devices. Today most of the web activities are from mobile devices and if your site isn’t optimised then it is a great setback for you. Moreover, mobile users are a bit desperate to get first results and when a site takes time it leads to disappointment for the users which ultimately leads to a spike in bounce rate. For example, if a person is typing in the keyword expert SEO services, they expect an instantaneous result and fast loading sites to save their time.


This all from my side for now, but this is not the end of the discussion. I will be back with the second part of this article where we will delve into more technical factors affecting SEO rankings. Till then stay tuned. But if you are in a rush, then go ahead and take expert SEO services in Delhi and get the expert to advise for your business for online promotion. 


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