Absurd Questions People ask about Sexually Transmitted Diseases

There are many people in the world who are in the habit of asking very stupid and absurd questions about various different things. You must have also experienced these kinds of people. Although they are aware that these questions whether regarding STDs or STD screening tests are were strange and it will bring a bad impression to them but still they ask.

Guard Yourself against STDs

Everyone must have heard the saying that prevention is better than cure; well it is true. For every disease and infection, there are some precautions that can be taken to prevent spreading. STDs can also be stopped from developing and harming others; only if people take the following steps. 

Minimize the Sexual Activities

The initial thing that can be done is to limit the sexual activities to a minimum. This will give you time to think over a lot of things and also you can thoroughly understand each and every situation. One more point to consider is to not have sex with many partners. You have to decrease the number and keep two or even one partner at a time.

Build a Relationship with your Partner

Rushing into a relationship is always the murder of it. You must first build a good relationship with the person you are going to spend your life with. You have to talk to your partner and clear up many things. Don’t hesitate to talk to him about his past sexual life. This will help you understand him in a better way.

STD screening tests are important

It is not necessary that you have STDs diagnostic tests at the time when you feel or the symptoms start to reveal themselves. Constant screening is vital if you want to eliminate the risk of these diseases. It is important that your partner also have these tests every three or four months.

Knowledge of the Symptoms

Although the symptoms don’t reveal in all cases; but it is crucial that you know the basics of it. But don’t get confused because many of the signs can be of other infections related to the lower part of your body.

Have various Vaccines 

Vaccines have not been created for all STDs but scientists have created it. It is the sign of an intelligent person to have the vaccine; so that they can be protected from the dangers of these harmful infections.

Limit the Substance Abuse

This topic has been under debate for a very long time and experts are still trying to spread awareness against the abuse of drugs and especially alcohol. When a person drinks alcohol or intakes drugs; the behavior becomes erratic so he/ she don’t know what they are doing. This becomes dangerous for both the person and the partner.

Absurd Questions about Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Whenever you go to a medical facility personally or visit online like Healthck; there you can talk to experts and professionals who will always be there to help you. But one thing you should keep in mind not to waste the time by asking really absurd and stupid questions. A few of these types are mentioned below.

Are the door handles the cause of STDs?

People often ask doctors about common objects of daily use whether they are the cause of STDs or not; when they visit the doctor for the first time. The one item that most people inquire about is the door handles. Really, the door handle is not the culprit but they are unhygienic.

Does the size of the penis important?

The size doesn’t matter because the main cause is the body part itself. If there are bacteria, parasites and viruses in the system then whether big or small the infections will transfer to the other person. 

Does STDs develop through phone sex?

This type of question is asked by people who are going to experience sex for the very first time. Think about it how can just talking on the phone can cause STDs when you are not actually indulging in any activity? 

Can Toilet Seats give you Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

No and definitely no. There are several diseases and infections that can infect you from the toilet seat; but not STDs. The germs that cause these diseases can’t survive without a living host so they eventually die out after some time. 

Is body modification a cause of STD?

Body modification has its own cons but it most unlikely that you can get STDs. But when these parlors don’t follow the rules and regulation of hygiene then hepatitis and even HIV can be transferred as they can use one needle for many customers. 

Does mosquito bites result in HIV?

There is no clear evidence that the mosquito spreads STDs and especially HIV. Many other diseases are related to this insect but not AIDS or sexually transmitted diseases. One should use their common sense and think that when the name is STDs then how any insect is the cause of the diseases.

Are STD tests painful?

Majority of the results of the STD screening tests are drawn from the fluid excreted from the penis and genitals and the urine. It is on very rare cases that blood is drawn; only at that time it is painful otherwise you don’t have to worry at all.


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